Friday, October 3, 2014

Good Men Bad Men

As we were hopping Pujo Pandals & coming across different design of the Goddess Durga being depicted, Muntasir kept on asking why the bad man (The Mahishasura) looks so different in each place. And in one Pujo Pandal, he was curious to know why the bad man is invisible (There were announcements of chain snatchers around, so requesting people to be careful. I explained him that bad men were around though we can't see them)but he was finally relieved to see the good men (the Police) around with a hope that the bad men will be caught soon. In a sense, this sums up life. There are bad people around us, sometime in the disguise. But with determination & hope that good will always defeat the devil. Wish all my friends, families a Happy Bijoya Dashami & and an advance wish for a Happy Bakri-Eid next week..

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