Thursday, December 11, 2014

OLX pe Bech Do

While coming from a brief outing on Sunday evening, I took a different route than the usual one to go home.
Munta: Where are we going?
Me: I need to go to petrol pump.
Munta: Why?
Me: There is no fuel in the car, I need to refill it.
Munta: So what? OLX pe bech do!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Heart Break

On a lazy Saturday, we were having lunch together at home. Muntasir finished his portion sometime earlier & mom asks him to finish some of his homework, that were to be submitted on Monday. He proceeds to the bedroom without any fuss. After finishing our lunch, as she heads towards the bedroom, she finds that he is playing with cars, the homework is half complete. A mild scolding follows & then he finishes the homework soon. Everything alright so far.

While lying on the bed, she could suddenly feel tears rolling down from a cute pair of eyes. Bit puzzled as there was no reaction when the scolding happened earlier & then the below discussion follows (the discussion happens in Bengali, I am just giving the translation for convenience)

Mom: তুমি কাঁদছো কেন? (Why are you crying?)
Munta: তুমি আমার heart break করেছ (You have broken my heart)

Now in Bengali, pronunciation of heart sounds as the way you pronounce hand(হাত)। So, she thought she might have injured his hand, but she remembers that she just mildly scolded him. How can that result in injury to hand? Totally perplexed, she asks again what happened?

Muntasir (pointing towards his left chest): এখানে মনের মধ্যে যে heart থাকে, তুমি সেই heart break করেছ (You have broken the heart, which stays here while pointing his left chest)

We both looked at each other, how and where from 'heart break' is added to his vocabulary is unknown to us. We tried to ask just out of curiosity but no success, so felt going to sleep is a better option. Remembered that he had mentioned about Be-Ka-Ra-Ri (the Hindi word for excitement of heart - few days back. Now comes 'heart break', God knows what next. But for sure, he is growing up..

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Context Is More Important Than Information

Muntasir was suffering from cold, so went to a nearby doctor. Doctor prescribed couple of medicines along with some advice. Upon reaching home, when his mom asked what the doctor said, he smilingly answered that the doctor uncle asked him to eat chocolates. Wife totally confused as couldn't think of any relation between cold & chocolate. I let this continue for a while to see if he says anything else but he kept on only saying he has been asked to eat chocolates. And then, I had to jump in before wife could go mad. I explained her that though he is not lying, but he is only telling an incomplete story. Whenever we take our kids to doctor, in general any doctor at stretch talks about avoiding ice cream-cold drinks-chocolate. In this case, as he was suffering from cold, the doctor advised him that he can eat chocolates but a complete no-no to ice cream & cold drinks. Muntasir did not lie but he very smartly chose to narrate only that part of the story that would benefit him.

And the same thing holds true for our day-to-day life. Data/Information without the proper context is just a number/text and is left to be used as one wishes. I remember one senior colleague of mine once told that nowadays he does not trust the news channel much as he does not know what is being not shown. The more is the data, the more is the scope of manipulation/misinterpretation. Therefore it is important to give importance/act only when one has the complete information along with the context, otherwise it is best to just ignore. The above incident could be just a funny act of a young kid with no harmful intention, but very often we fell prey to such incidents and end up act wrongfully…

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Define Jealousy

Define jealousy: "Ammu, you hug Abbu at times, when he comes from office. You never hug me when I return from school" !

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birth Day, Completing 5 Years

Today Muntasir is completing 5years of his journey. Please bless him n wish him a bright future...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Good Men Bad Men

As we were hopping Pujo Pandals & coming across different design of the Goddess Durga being depicted, Muntasir kept on asking why the bad man (The Mahishasura) looks so different in each place. And in one Pujo Pandal, he was curious to know why the bad man is invisible (There were announcements of chain snatchers around, so requesting people to be careful. I explained him that bad men were around though we can't see them)but he was finally relieved to see the good men (the Police) around with a hope that the bad men will be caught soon. In a sense, this sums up life. There are bad people around us, sometime in the disguise. But with determination & hope that good will always defeat the devil. Wish all my friends, families a Happy Bijoya Dashami & and an advance wish for a Happy Bakri-Eid next week..

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

তোমার অফিস আমার ছুটি

একে তো পুজো পুজো গন্ধ আকাশে বাতাসে, তাতে অফিস আসতে বেশ ভালই জ্বলছে। আরও জ্বলে যখন দেখি তিনি ৯টা অব্দি ঘুমিয়ে, তার পরে একটি পালটি খেয়ে হাতের তলা দিয়ে মুখ বের করে এক চোখ খুলে আমাকে বলেন " আব্বু তোমার আজ অফিস, আমার ছুটি হে হে হে …"
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