Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Parents' Expectation, Kids' liability

   I have learnt one great experience on parenting, and as usual from my own mistake. This is school admission season & so was getting Muntasir prepared. Went to couple of other schools just to get a learning experience both for him & for us before going to the school we were targeting for. 
   In 1st school, everything went fine, almost perfect. After couple of days, in 2nd school, he was completely different, adamant, scared, feeling less confident. I was instantaneously upset, showed my anger on him. A little bit of introspection, and I realized unconsciously we were pressurizing him, that he needs to get into a big school, he needs to speak English, we were asking question on this & that. And realized that "fear of failure" had creeped in. Everything he was answering, at his back of mind he was thinking whether he is doing right or wrong, what I would feel if he does not get it right. 
   And this is the grave mistake we parents do to our kids. Our expectation becomes their liability, they develop inhibition, their natural strength takes back seat. Immediately talked to wife, rectified ourselves. For the next few days, did not talk to him anything related admission etc. Everything we were discussing among 3 of us was kind of playing games, just let him do, be natural & guide him here & there. Luckily, with God's grace all went well. But a great practical lessons indeed, which no theory could have taught me..

Monday, December 2, 2013

Eating Chocolates, No Problem

Me: Munta, don't eat so many chocolates. You will have germ in your stomach. Doctor uncle will have to give you injection.
Munta: As soon as I go to potty, all the germs will go out, so no problem!!

No more words..
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