Saturday, January 18, 2014

Loosing Monopoly On My Favorite Sweets

Since childhood, I have enjoyed my own share of all tasty delicacies because first my sister & later my wife did not share the same food interest that I had. While I was mad at sweets, they were into something else (you know Fuchka/Golgappa and other trivial things! ). With Muntasir growing up, I am now loosing my monopoly. Yesterday mother brought Peda ( ) from Kolkata, which I couldn't have any claim whatsoever. There is a tough competition on the Firni, too. Luckily he has not yet set his eyes on Jaynagar er Moya ( ). Can clearly see the tough competition ahead..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Funny Moment From PTM

Wife read from Munta's diary that there is a Parent-Teacher-Meeting next Saturday & she was mentioning the same with me. We were briefly discussing what all to discuss with teacher and that included asking how he is doing in the school etc. Suddenly he exclaimed "I am not fighting with friends anymore". We are all surprised, perplexed as could not find any context. And then remembered the PTM of last time. The teacher had complained that he finishes his homework soon and then he is engaged in fighting with friends.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Generation, New Language

I referred to one of my friend as "Yaar" (Hindi of "friend") when I was in standard 5th/6th. My father did not like it as "Yaar" was perceived as a not-so-good language then, at least in my family. Few days back, I just hurt myself while playing with Muntasir & he immediately responded "It's OK yaar". Instantaneously I was taken aback, remembered my father's look, then realized it is something Muntasir probably has learnt in the school & then replied back to him "OK yaar, let's continue playing then". Since then, we have been telling "It's OK yaar" to each other, when one sees the other one upset, it has become a fun now. 
P.S. This is not to argue if my father was right or wrong, but the chemistry in a relationship is continuously evolving & we have to be adaptive to that...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2013

Stealing Milkmaid from fridge n getting caught by Muntasir - childhood is priceless! Happy New Year to everyone..
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