Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Koun Kiska Baap

One of the naughty fight I have with Muntasir is who will sleep in the middle among 3 of us. Today afternoon, I pushed him aside on emotional ground, he settles there though unwillingly. After a minute or so, I get a call, went to pick up the call. As I reached the other room, the call disconnects. I see missed call notification from wife's phone. Totally perplexed. Came back to the previous room where we were planning to sleep. See Muntasir holding her phone with a mischievous smile!! Thinking Koun Kiska Baap!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Understanding My Father, One Decade Later

Once again experienced what parenting is all about yesterday. Muntasir had gone for an inter school drawing competition @school & therefore I had to pick him up. Reached there before time, was waiting in the reception along with some other parents. As the kids were coming back from competition, anxious parents ran towards them & I heard few of them celebrating their kids' success. For some reasons unknown to me, decided to remain seated, I think I was bit tensed for sure. But as the sound of other kids' success got louder, I became restless to know how Muntasir did. Strangely afterwards, with each passing seconds, I could hear my heartbeat becoming louder & louder. It was just an inter school competition, did not have a significance of large magnitude, still so much was my nervousness, anxiety. And I was just wondering how parents handle the pressure when their kid appear for board exam or other important exams of life, could feel what parents go through as their kids grow up. As soon as he came, just hugged Muntasir tight even before asking if he has won any prize or not. And then sitting there, remembered the day when I got my first job. As soon as I had reached home, my father gave me a strong hug. I felt strange, I was never very free with him like I was with mother, so we never hugged each other like so many other father-son duo do. I could never understand his behavior, this question kept wandering in my mind. Only yesterday, I got my answer, more than a decade later..

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Eid Wishes

This sums up how we celebrated the Eid https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=8IPW4SGBixs .

Watch the expression of the kid with white kurta-pajama on the left.
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